Omni Air International red and white Boeing 727 aircraft


Omni Air Express (OAX) receives Air Operating Certificate to operate B727 freighter aircraft.

Red and white Boeing 727 Omni Air International takes off


The action-adventure movie Congo films OAX B727-100F.

Air Mobility Command logo


OAX gains CARB approval for B727 cargo operations.

Omni aircraft is loaded with cargo


OAX transports race horses to Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby.

Omni widebody charter aircraft lands


OAX changes its name to Omni Air International. The airline adds DC-10 passenger aircraft and receives approval to operate passenger service.

An Omni widebody charter Boeing 727 takes off


The airline retires its B727 aircraft.

Civil Reserve Air Fleet logo


Omni receives U.S. Department of Defense CARB approval for international passenger charters and starts participating in the Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

Two sailors embrace in front of a government charter aircraft


The airline adds DC10-30F cargo operations and returns sailors from USS Cole to the US.

A 180 ETOPS rated Boeing 757 aircraft taxis


Omni adds B757-200ER aircraft and becomes the second carrier in US history to obtain 180-minute ETOPS out-of-the-box authority from FAA.

The Missile Defense Agency Widebody Airborne Sensor Platform


Omni operates the Missile Defense Agency Widebody Airborne Sensor Platform and repatriates decades-held Moroccan POWs from Algeria.

A meal is served on a charter aircraft


The airline adds B767 as a part of fleet renewal.

A mother and daughter walk their their charter aircraft seats


Omni maintains operations during the Icelandic volcano eruption, while commercial airlines cancel 17,000 flights. The same year, it participates in the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

Aircraft charter crew share a laugh


Omni retires DC-10 aircraft and becomes the first US passenger charter airline to receive IOSA registration safety standard. The airline also adds B777 aircraft and returns US personnel from Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

A Boeing 757 charter aircraft is unloaded


Omni retires B757 aircraft.

Soldiers disembark from government charter aircraft


Omni returns military personnel from combating Ebola in Western Africa to the US.

Omni 25 year logo

Omni Air International celebrates 25-Years of “Can Do” service to its worldwide customer base.


Omni 25 year logo

Omni is acquired by ATSG, bringing more than 25 years of charter experience to the group, including the B777-200ER and B767 platforms.